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by Editorial Staff is an artificial intelligence-powered copywriting tool designed to help businesses write better and more compelling content. From generating content to helping you with plagiarism checks, does it all. So, read our full review written by the AI Writingly Editorial Team. comes with a host of features that make it a valuable tool for users and make it easier for people to write well-crafted content without errors. Its features make it beneficial for users, including the ability to generate content in multiple languages and create SEO-friendly content.

This review article will discuss everything you need to know about, including its features, how it works, and who should use it. It also provides a detailed guideline on how to work with it and explains the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool. Finally, we will provide the updated pricing information for this writing tool. review

A Detailed Guideline On is the perfect tool for writers, marketers, business owners, and copywriters who want to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

The app’s interface is intuitive, and the templates make it simple to consider what to say, making it a breeze for new users.

Now, Let’s take a closer look at it in further detail.

Who Should You Try creates content for websites, landing pages, sales letters, social media posts, and even email advertisements. This content marketing company aims to be the go-to tool for anyone who writes online, including bloggers and marketers.

But its best use case seems like digital marketers or business owners looking to save time.

Not only will it help you finish your work faster, but it is also so accurate that minimal editing should be needed. It’ll still require a fair amount of human editing and verification.

The tool helps create content marketing materials and “fun personal tools” where users can generate love letters or wishing cards through artificial intelligence.

How Writes Or Generates Contents? is a writing tool that utilizes GPT3 technology to generate marketing, advertising, and sales copy. The GPT3 algorithm is the latest and greatest AI technology for natural language processing.

It has been trained on 10% of all the data available on the internet, making it one of the most comprehensive learning tools. It allows it to produce text that reads like a person.

This is a tool that can be used to write articles for marketing purposes, as and when required.

It’s a program that produces marketing copies in seconds, as the name implies, to wake up your written side. Its automated tools help you work faster and more efficiently.

How To Work Or Write With (Step By Step) Guide

Step 1: Sign Up

To start utilizing this tool, you must first log in. also offers a free trial for seven days. The free trial for it is seven days and does not require a credit card to be entered.

After the free trial, you can choose to continue using the tool by subscribing to one of their monthly plans.

Step 2: Tutorial

A short video will teach you how to use the tool and how it can help make content creation easier for you.

This video is a little long and will walk you through the platform.

Step 3: Select Language 

You may use in over a dozen languages. Give your input description, and choose the output language. Your input will help determine the content that is created.

Step 4: Choose Content

Then you’ll need to choose the content you want to create: After that, provide some basic information such as keywords and tone. Then select generate an outline from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Visit the Additional Features

The platform offers several features that can help you make your content creation process more efficient and quicker. This is where you may think of different types of content by selecting from numerous features.

Step 6: Choose a Template of Your Choice

You can select from a range of templates or build your own. This is where you’ll see the results of your efforts. If unsatisfied with what you see, the tool can create more copies. Once you’re happy with its production, save and copy it.

Step 7: Add Some Information About Your Product

After selecting a template or a tool, pay attention to the details of your desired content. Once you have inputted all the information, wait for the results and evaluate which output best suits your needs.

Step 8: Edit And Replace Text With Your Own Words

You may need to modify the material more to make it unique. If it’s good enough, leave it as is. If not, don’t worry – change a few words and phrases around, and it will be good to go.

All The Features of - How And Why Are The Features Beneficial For The Users?

The tool contains 60+ unique templates, so you find one option that perfectly fits your needs. When you choose a template, you will be asked to provide information about your business to help customize the text to your specific requirements.

The tool offers various features, including:

●     Blog offers bloggers four different templates to use for their writing. These are: 

Blog Post Wizard

The Blog Post Wizard is one of the templates that will generate a complete first draft for your blog.

Blog Intro

The ‘Blog Intro’ template is for those who have already written their blog post and need a place to input the title and description.

Blog Title

This tool helps you generate creative, attention-grabbing titles for your blog posts.

Write Blog Section

This section gives you a comprehensive blog post.

●     Social Media Content is an excellent tool for content writing on social media, which makes it very valuable for digital marketing teams. Some excellent marketing tools are content and event promotion tools.

It has a lot of posts, updates, and even digital ad copy templates. The event promotion is likely the most useful, as well as the contest or giveaway offer.

●     Email

This writing assistant is quite good at creating emails. The process is simple. You have to provide the recipient’s and sender’s names, add bullet points to describe the recipient, set a goal for them, and then pick a destination.

●     Website Copy

This part isn’t pervasive and has far fewer templates than all of the other categories. You can use it to create sales landing pages or about us pages.

●     General Business

The time-saving potential of having pre-written responses to familiar business correspondence is evident. This includes a job description, rejection letter, hiring blurb, and asking for an expert feature.

Using these features, you can spend less time manually creating your responses.

●     Case Study  

The templates on this page are designed to assist you in writing an online case study. However, the content is subpar; you should create your own or pay a marketing professional to do it.

●     Video  

You can utilize this feature in many ways, such as creating an intro of a video, YouTube videos and descriptions for your channel, social media posts to share your content, or even writing a script for an introductory video.

●     Fun

The app offers custom-written content, including song lyrics, short stories, dating profiles, wedding bows, and inspirational quotations.

●     Other Features

Sentence Rephraser

Rewrites the sentence by replacing words with synonyms, idioms, and phrases.

Grammar Check

It recognizes grammatical errors in the material. Grammatical solution is a built-in feature of this ai tool.

Sentence Formatting

Ensure that the sentences are correctly formatted, avoiding needless and boring text.


Automatically fixes misspelled words and give the user a choice to undo the change.

Tone checker

Recognize the writer’s emotional tone in the written material.

The Pricing Details Of

Free Plan

It has a free plan to start with 2,000 words per month. It is perfect for testing out these powerful copywriting tools. We, “AI Writingly” highly recommend you try this tool for absolutely free.

This free plan lasts forever and allows access to:

  • One user
  • 2,000 words of content creation in every month
  • 90+ copyright tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • 7-day trial for the pro plan

You don’t need to put your credit card information for the trial, but you will automatically be switched to the free plan once the trial is over.

Paid Plan

The Premium paid plan begins at $49 per month for 40,000 words. Furthermore, this service offers you 100k words each month for $99, 300k words each month for $279, and 300k+ words every month, depending on your budget.

With this plan, you will get:

  • Five users
  • 40,000 words a month ( higher price for more words)
  • 90+ copyright tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard Tool (to write long-form articles)
  • 25+ languages
  • Priority email support

The Advantages You Will Get By Using

  • It’s simple to navigate the Dashboard.
  • The user-friendly and easy-to-use AI is a good choice for beginners.
  • Generated content can be trusted for short, one-to-many texts.
  • The process of generating content is simple.
  • The company offers a free trial so that you can test out the product before committing to it.
  • The email support is always helpful and responds quickly.
  • The tool offers a wide variety of innovative and creative templates for you to use.
  • The price is worth it, and you won’t find a better deal.

The Disadvantages You Will Get By Using

  • It’s not ideal for long-form content. Long-form copywriting may be difficult.
  • Customer service may be improved ( consume less time)
  • It May take a longer time to generate content.
  • For mobile users, the text editor is unavailable.
  • Poor integration with other platforms.
  • Although they added a few new features, they’re still being tested.
  • There are some errors and inconsistencies in the generated content. So, check your generated content before use.

The Final Decision for review is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can help you write better content faster. It offers users beneficial features, including grammar correction, sentence rephrasing, etc.

You can use it to generate social media posts, emails, website copy, and general business documents. The platform is easy to use and offers many advantages over

Traditional copywriting tools.

However, you should be aware of some disadvantages to using before deciding whether or not to use the platform. The pricing details for it vary depending on your chosen plan, but the free plan is worth checking out if you want to test the software’s capabilities.

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